Anyone close to me?

Hi ya'll,

I just stumbled across this community and thought I'd join and see what it was all about - seeing how I have lived in Ga my whole entire life. LOL. 
So, I just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Amanda and I am 20 years old.
I  live in Gwinnett. Anybody near by? I love meeting people who live close to me. 
I have absolutely NO friends :-(
I was born 14 weeks early and weighed only one pound and nine ounces. I was 12" long. Due to being born so early, I developed cerebral palsy which affects my walking. I can walk for very short distances (like out to car and back into house) with crutches. For longer distances, I use a manual wheelchair. It truly is a miracle that I'm alive. The doctors actually suggested that my parents just let me die. It was predicted that I would be deaf and blind, never be able to sit up by myself, feed myself, {the list goes on and on}... basically, I would be in a vegetative state my whole life and have no quality of life whatsoever.
Because of my disability, I have VERY low (almost non-existent) self-esteem. Deep down I know I could be MUCH worse off, but on the surface, I hate myself (well, I hate my disability, but to me, my disability IS me... does that make sense?)
I am EXTREMELY self-conscious. I hate being a burden to people, and I always feel like when people say I'm not a burden they are just saying it to be nice.
I still live at home and can't drive (I need hand-controls to be able to drive), and in my mind nobody wants to be friends with a 20-year-old who still lives at home, can't drive, and is always depressed and stuff.

Oh wow... this post is getting long. I'm sorry for boring ya'll with my long rant about my pathetic life. *cry*
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Got a feeling....

I have got this feeling...Jesus Is coming soon...I know people have been saying that since he ascended...I can't explain it really...I just got a feeling...If you aren't ready to meet him, you better get ready, like now...I got that feeling...Has anyone else got it to???
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(no subject)

It is a big possbility that I am moving to Dalton, GA. My family is there already and I am currenty at the University of Southern Mississippi. I want to know more about the town of Dalton and where do they have a good business program at a University need Dalton, GA. what are y'all's opinion on Dalton State College or GSU?????

Plz help me.....
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I need to find a place by this Friday! If not, I will be living on a friends couch until I do find a place, but will have to trash my furniture...!!!!!!!

I am clean, i don't smoke or have bad habits/addictions... i get along well with just about everyone! Did i mention i keep the place sparkling clean? lol.. what more can u ask for!?

Let me know, thanks!

preferably female roommates if there are any, thanks! :)
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Question on Immortality

Any help you can give me on this is much appreciated:

I'm reading this booklet called "What is Your Destiny" the United Church of God sent me...and i'm questioning some of what it's I want to ask for your opinion:

Basically, it says that our soul doesn't live on after we die, that that's some kind of superstition from ancient times...but that it too dies. It even quotes Ezekiel 18:4, 20 when saying that our soul is mortal rather than immortal. but it does say, however, that we can achieve immortality by seeking God and Jesus.

So here's the questions:
1) are they correct in their teachings?
2) if our soul doesn't live on, how can we possibly have immortal life?


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This weekend is going to be so awesome. Not only do we not have school till next Tuesday this weekend is Immersed Conference at a church I have been going to. The speakers that are going to be there(that I know of) is Chris Hill and John Bevere, has anyone heard them speak? And also tomorrow night is a concert, and Skillet is playing! I just pray that everything goes well, and God touches everyone's life in some way.

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